I will not live in fear. My thoughts after the Boston Marathon.

We have some important choices to make about how we respond to the bombing of the Boston Marathon. What I hope we are capable of, what I want to believe we are capable of, is to be rational and measured in our response. To speculate about what groups or individuals may have been behind this attack is to abandon reason in favor of propaganda. When we unjustifiably point the finger toward a group without evidence we do great harm not only to that group, but to the founding principles of our nation. Let us wait and see where the evidence points before we cast blame. If we are able to identify the perpetrators and determine why they committed this act, then we can have a discussion about that.

I will not be afraid. We will not live in fear.

We must band together, not as Bostonians, not as Runners, not as New Englanders, and not even as Americans, but as human beings.

I am so sorry for the loss of life and pain that the victims of this attack have suffered. Tragedy strikes people every day and rarely, very rarely, does it ever get this kind of attention. Be very grateful for whatever you have in your life that is good. I have an abundance to be thankful for and I truly am.

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